Night Moth

Photos - Mary Mullaney

Fresh Poppies

Photos - Mary Mullaney

Fiddlehead Progression

Photos - Mary Mullaney

Contemporary glass cameos by Mary Mullaney

Mary’s sculptural vessels are blown with thin colored glass layers on the outside into which she sand-carves and engraves her original imagery, creating “contemporary cameos.”

Mary Mullaney’s “contemporary cameo” style blown and carved vessels depict microcosms of captivating natural beauty and unusual landscapes of the mind. Amazed appreciation of the wilderness and an obsessive curiosity inform Mullaney’s compositions. The vessels are blown by Mary with assistance from her partner, Ralph Mossman. Myriad textures and hues appear as Mullaney carves into the thin transparent color layers to reveal her original surface designs. The result is a luminous, sculptural narrative which explores the undulating curves in the form while indulging her life-long love of drawing.

“I allow an animated quality to emerge in my drawings, reflecting the fantasy-like experience I tap into while observing various life forms, scenarios, thoughts, and personal experiences. The sensual and translucent qualities of glass help to evoke the inherent energetic feeling. I am fascinated with transitional states and the unfurling of the natural world.”

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